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"Our old playground was in rough shape, so we needed to find a replacement that would be cost effective and durable for the thousands of kids and students we see every year. WillyGoat answered the call. They not only helped me pick out some options that were within my budget, but they walked me through every step of the process, making it easy to purchase and schedule our playground installation. The installers were kind and professional, and worked hard to get our playground in on time and done right! Now, over 3,000 kids have enjoyed our new playground and swings area and it looks to be ready for thousands more over the coming years. We could not be happier with our choice of playground or play system provider! Thank you WillyGoat for being the best at what you do!"

- Jeff Y.

The Before

Lake Yale Play Set

Embarking on an outdoor transformation journey, this community found itself at a crossroads with an outdated playground. They were seeking a vibrant, cost-effective, and enduring solution to serve the thousands of energetic kids they host annually.

The After

Lake Yale Play Set

Lake Yale Play Set

They turned to WillyGoat for a game-changing experience. WillyGoat guided and supported them through selecting budget-friendly options, but they also orchestrated a seamless process from purchase to installation. Thanks to the dedicated team of installers and playground expertise, the community is brighter and more playful than ever!

Crafting the Ultimate Summer Camp Experience with Play Structures

Transforming your summer camp into a haven of joy and adventure is now easily achievable with the perfect play structures. Picture hosting events where camp attendees can engage in community bonding, while immersing themselves in an exciting play space. This vision becomes a reality with the combination of the Big Sky Playground and the Single Post Swing Set.

The Big Sky Playground Adventure

"The sky's the limit with the Big Sky Playground!" This four-deck play structure by UltraPlay is a masterpiece designed to captivate the imaginations of young campers. Featuring a variety of climbers, slides, and play panels, kids can embark on a thrilling journey as they scale a mountain or climbing wall, traverse the bone clatter bridge, and glide down one of three slides. The inclusivity of the Big Sky Play System ensures that children of all ages and abilities can join in the fun. From chilling out on the bench panel to creating beats on the bongos and bass drums, this playground offers a diverse range of activities to keep campers entertained for hours.

The Classic Delight of the Single Post Swing Set

For a touch of timeless fun, the Single Post Swing Set is a perfect addition to the summer camp experience. Ideal for both campers and staff, each swing has a weight capacity of 200 pounds, making it suitable for everyone to enjoy. With an 8-foot height, thick 4.5-inch outer diameter upright posts, and a sturdy 2 and 3/8" outer diameter crossbar, this swing set is not only durable but also an ideal fit for any outdoor setting. Bring out the childlike joy in everyone and bask in the summer sun while enjoying the classic delight of swinging.

Elevate your summer church camp experience by incorporating the Big Sky Playground and Single Post Swing Set into the outdoor environment. As campers engage in spiritual growth and community bonding, the play structures provide an added layer of joy and adventure, creating a well-rounded experience for everyone involved. Make your summer camp a place where both spiritual and recreational pursuits thrive in harmony.

Big Sky Playground

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Single Post Swing

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