Day Camp Playground in Chicago

“We are so grateful that an internet search brought us to WillyGoat! We knew we needed a playground that would be big, bold, colorful and exciting for our Ramah Day campers and were instantly impressed with the selection of products, ability to customize colors and responsiveness of the WillyGoat team. From our initial inquiry until the final ladder was installed WillyGoat worked with us to ensure we were happy with the final product…and after a summer of our campers enjoying their new playground, we know we have a winner!”

- Scott T.

The Before

Playground Before and After

On a mission to transform a barren gravel lot into a dynamic play space for their campers, this community discovered WillyGoat through an internet search. They desired a playground that was not just big, but bold, colorful, and bursting with excitement.

The After

Playground Before and After

Playground Before and After

WillyGoat's diverse product selection, customizable color options, and the responsiveness put any insecurities at ease. It was a collaboration from the first inquiry to the final installation, and the initial vision of turning an empty gravel lot into a vibrant, dynamic play haven that has become the highlight of the day camp!

Crafting the Ultimate Day Camp Adventure

Designing a play space for a day camp requires a careful balance of thrilling activities, physical challenges, and safety considerations. Let's explore the dynamic combination of the Galveston Playground, the Terre Haute Fitness Course, and the magic of rubber mulch to create an unforgettable day camp experience.

Galveston Playground

A Climber's Paradise Galveston is more than just a playground; it's a sprawling play system designed to captivate the hearts of kids who love to climb and slide. Featuring an array of climbers, including the Vertical Ladder, Snake Climber, Pod Climber, and Pixel Climber, this structure offers endless possibilities for exploration and physical activity. The 270 Degree Overhead Rung Ladder adds a unique twist, forming a near-complete loop for repeated climbing adventures. The highlight, however, is the massive 76-inch Spiral Slide that promises excitement and joy with every descent.

Terre Haute Fitness Course

The Terre Haute Fitness Course injects a burst of energy into the day camp environment. A maze of events designed to enhance strength, agility, and endurance, this fitness course keeps children engaged and entertained. From the classic fun of an Overhead Straight Rung Horizontal Ladder to the innovative 360 Straight Rung Horizontal Ladder for circular climbing, every element encourages physical activity and skill development. The Overhead 3 Wheel Swing Ladder and Swinging Rings add dynamic challenges, ensuring a variety of experiences for every camper.

Rubber Mulch Magic

Safety meets fun to complete the perfect day camp play space, the choice of surfacing is crucial. Enter rubber mulch—a magical solution that combines safety with fun. As children explore and play, the rubber mulch provides a soft and supportive surface, minimizing the risk of injuries. It's natural look seamlessly blends with the outdoor environment, creating a visually appealing and safe area for campers to enjoy.

Crafting the ultimate day camp adventure involves thoughtful selection of play structures and surfacing. The Galveston Playground, Terre Haute Fitness Course, and the magic of rubber mulch together create a harmonious blend of excitement, physical activity, and safety. As campers climb, slide, swing, and explore, they'll be immersed in a world of joy and adventure, making the day camp experience truly unforgettable.

PKP217 Galveston Playground

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