Creating a Dream Playspace: Wyoming Daycare Unveils the Granite Manor Adventure

"We struggled with the safety of our previous slide structure, and were tired of the poor customer service we were receiving when working with other retailers. We have made several purchases with WillyGoat and have been so pleased with the quality of the pieces we purchased. Our preschoolers love their new structure and it's holding up nicely given our harsh winter weather conditions. We will continue to use WillyGoat for all our future playground needs."

- Valerie P.

Creating a Dream Playspace: Wyoming Daycare Unveils the Granite Manor Adventure

In the heart of Wyoming, a daycare is taking playtime to new heights with the introduction of the Granite Manor play structure. This sprawling playset promises endless joy and creative exploration for children, turning their play area into a haven of laughter and imagination.

Unveiling the Granite Manor

The star of the show, the Granite Manor play structure, stands tall with a 36-inch elevated platform seamlessly connected to a 48-inch elevated platform. Accessible via the adventurous Pod Climber or traditional stairs, children are greeted with a world of possibilities as they embark on a journey of excitement and fun.

Thrilling Slides and Safe Surroundings

The playset features not one but two exhilarating slides – the Wave Slide and the Double Wave Slide. Kids eagerly race each other to the bottom, their laughter echoing through the air. Safety is paramount with barrier panels surrounding the play structure, ensuring a secure and balanced environment for all.

Inclusive Ground Level Fun

On the ground level, inclusivity takes center stage. The addition of a Single Drum and Rain Wheel provides creative outlets for children of all ability levels, making the play structure ADA compliant. The thoughtful design ensures that every child, regardless of their abilities, can join in the fun and laughter.

Shaded Comfort and Stability

A charming Pyramid Roof crowns the Wave Slide platform, offering a shady retreat for children eagerly awaiting their turn down the slide. Abundant handrails provide extra stability, catering to children still developing their gross motor skills.

Personalized Play

The Granite Manor play set is not just about fun; it's about customization. Available in a variety of color palettes, the daycare has the flexibility to match the playset to their unique vision, ensuring it seamlessly blends into their play area.

Important Details and Considerations

While the Granite Manor promises an unparalleled play experience, it's essential to note that quick ship options are unavailable for surface mounting equipment, and custom colors for this product require additional lead time. Always check lead times for the most accurate estimates, especially for popular systems that may occasionally sell out.


With the Granite Manor play structure at the heart of their playspace, this Wyoming daycare has transformed ordinary playtime into an extraordinary adventure. Children now have a vibrant, safe, and inclusive environment where laughter and imagination know no bounds. The Granite Manor is not just a playset; it's a testament to the daycare's commitment to creating magical childhood memories.

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