Crafting a Dynamic Outdoor Play Haven: A Kentucky Non-Profit's Tale

Outstanding job! We love our park. Installation was excellent! The staff and installers were friendly and very helpful with everything!

- Cynthia R.

Crafting a Dynamic Outdoor Play Haven: A Non-Profit's Tale

At the core of every community lies the promise of joy and unity, and for a non-profit nestled in Kentucky, that pledge blossoms through the development of inclusive outdoor play areas. Let's delve on the inspiring journey of this community as they transformed a mundane outdoor area into a dynamic hub of fun and accessibility.

Keystone Crossing Playground

Keystone Crossing stands as a testament to the power of play in fostering childhood wonder and exploration. With its twin pair of 6-foot-tall Wave Slides, connected by a Tube Bridge, children are invited to embark on thrilling adventures that spark their imagination and challenge their agility. The addition of a smaller Right Turn Slide ensures that every child, regardless of age or thrill-seeking preference, can find their perfect slide experience. Beyond the slides, Keystone Crossing offers a myriad of engaging features, including the Pod Climber, Snake Climber, Pixel Climber, Plinko Panel, and Wheel of Activity, providing endless opportunities for active play and creativity. With a Bench Panel strategically placed amidst the action, children can take a moment to recharge without missing out on the fun with friends.

Heavy Duty ADA Swing Set

Inclusivity was a focal point of this play space, and the Heavy Duty ADA Swing Set embodies this commitment to accessibility. Designed to accommodate children of all abilities, this swing set features Molded JennSwing seats and a Heavy Duty Platform Swing, ensuring that every child can experience the joy of swinging. With ramps for easy access and sturdy construction meeting ASTM and CPSC guidelines, this swing set serves as a symbol of inclusivity and joy, inviting children of all abilities to soar to new heights.

Elite Cantilever Swing Set

Complementing the inclusive spirit of the outdoor play space is the Elite Cantilever Swing Set, a beautifully crafted structure that fosters social interaction and physical development in children. Featuring a unique design with bucket swings for younger children and belt swings for older kids, this swing set encourages children of various ages to engage in joyful, collective play. Parents and caretakers can rest assured knowing that their children are enjoying a safe and enriching play experience.

ADA Accessible Full Ramp and Plastic Playground Borders

Prioritizing accessibility and safety, the community installed ADA accessible full ramps and plastic playground borders, furnishing a clear entry and exit point to the playground while upholding safety surfacing standards. These resilient and straightforward features create a welcoming environment for children of all abilities to revel in play and flourish.

Loose Fill Rubber Mulch and Playground Mats

Completing the outdoor play space are loose fill rubber mulch and playground mats, offering a soft and springy surface that minimizes maintenance and maximizes safety. Made from 100% recycled materials, these environmentally-friendly solutions provide a durable and attractive ground cover that enhances the play experience for children while reducing ongoing maintenance needs.

In conclusion, the once-ordinary outdoor space was transformed into a vibrant oasis of play and inclusivity. As children laugh, learn, and grow within this enchanting playground, the reverberations of cultivating an inclusive play space are poised to shape generations to come.

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