Church in Tennessee

"Our church recently added a new education facility. We did not expect to be able to afford new playground equipment for it although we needed equipment for older children. As we began to research equipment, we discovered WillyGoat. Not only did we find the equipment we wanted, but we were also able to purchase the equipment and have it installed within budget.

The Willy Goat staff were easy to work with and resolved any concerns we had. They provided detailed information on how to receive the equipment as well as preparation of the site where the equipment was installed.

Overall, we are very pleased with the results."

- Doug J.

Playground Swing Set for a church

Crafting the Ideal Playground: Enhancing a Church Facility with Quality Products

In Tennessee, a church recently expanded its facilities with a new education building. Alongside this development, they recognized the need for playground equipment suitable for older children. Initially concerned about affordability, their search led them to WillyGoat, where they discovered a range of high-quality products that perfectly aligned with their budget and needs.

Discovering WillyGoat: Affordable Solutions

Despite their initial concerns, they found a variety of options that met all requirements while staying within their budget. WillyGoat's offerings included swing sets, play structures, benches, and playground borders—all of which promised durability and value.

Streamlined Process, Reliable Service

Working with WillyGoat provided a straightforward and efficient experience. Any questions or concerns were addressed promptly, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. With WillyGoat's guidance, this community  was able to seamlessly integrate the playground equipment into our church facility.

Crafting the Perfect Playspace

Choosing the right equipment was a critical step in creating a playground that would serve the diverse needs of the church community. It was essential to find pieces that not only provided fun and engagement but also promoted physical activity, social interaction, and safety. The equipment needed to be suitable for a wide age range, ensuring that both younger children and older kids had appropriate and exciting activities. By carefully considering these factors, the church was able to select equipment that would foster an inclusive, active, and vibrant play environment.

Heavy Duty Swing Set:

The Heavy Duty Swing Set from WillyGoat was an excellent choice for our church community due to its sturdy tripod frame design. Designed for lower elementary to young adults, this swing set offers durability and stability, ensuring safe and enjoyable outdoor play for children of all ages. The cemented ground installation provides added security, making it suitable for high-traffic areas like neighborhoods and playgrounds.

Terre Haute Play Structure:

The Terre Haute Play Structure stood out to us for its dynamic and engaging design. Featuring overhead climbers, swinging rings, and a pebble bridge, this maze of activities encourages physical activity and imaginative play. The inclusion of various climbing elements helps children improve their strength, agility, and endurance while having fun. The play structure's buzzing hub of activity ensures that children will be occupied for hours, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among our church members.

Beveled Perforated Steel Park Bench:

Adding comfort and convenience to our playground area, the Beveled Perforated Steel Park Bench offers durable seating with a modern design. Perfect for parks, playgrounds, and community spaces, this bench provides comfortable seating with its back support. The perforated steel design adds a touch of sophistication while allowing for easy maintenance, making it an ideal choice for outdoor settings where durability and style are paramount.

8-inch Plastic Playground Borders:

Ensuring safety and delineating play areas, the 8-inch Plastic Playground Borders provided a cost-effective and practical solution for our playground. Made from durable plastic, these borders are lightweight yet sturdy, making installation a breeze. The inclusion of the exclusive Surfacing Guide ensures that loose-fill surfacing depths are maintained, further enhancing safety on the playground. Available in various lengths and heights, these borders offer versatility and customization options to suit any aesthetic.

An Elevated Playground for All Ages

The addition of WillyGoat's products transformed this church’s facility into an inclusive and vibrant playspace for children of all ages. They were thrilled with the results and we are grateful for the role WillyGoat played in bringing this church’s vision to life. With their affordable and reliable products, They enhanced their community's recreational experience with affordable and reliable products sure to be enjoyed for years to come. 

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