Figure 8 Conversion Model Train Track - Charcoal

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Whoo-whoo! You hear the distant locomotive whistle and you know your little one on the Peg-Perego Choo Choo Express train is coming around the bend. Your little engineer has places to go on the Figure 8 Conversion Track.

When you add this track set to the track that is included with the Santa Fe train you add miles of fun for your child. 6 curved track 4 straight track and one intersection piece of track. Add these to the existing round or oval track set for a huge figure 8.

Complete figure 8 train track dimensions: 14'1" x 6'5" or 169" x 77" x 11"

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Residential Use Only
Equipment Weight 25 lb
Installed Dimensions 77 ft x 169 in x 11 in

One-year limited warranty for Peg Perego vehicles from date of purchase, and/or six-month limited warranty for battery, charger and wheels from date of purchase.

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