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Collect all 4 of the unique park musical instruments. Each flower is a different size, height, color and has 4 different notes of very long sustain on each flower. They sound like soft sweet gongs. These flowers are so sculptural they will be enjoyed as soon as they are seen, but will enchant you with their tones for additional delight. Each flower sold separately or collect all 4 for a nice discounted price.

Color: All Four
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  • Unique size, heights, and colors
  • Four Notes per flower
  • One Mallet per Flower
  • Anodized Aluminum Bells
Equipment Weight 219 lb
Installed Dimensions 160 in x 150 in x 40 in
  • Portable, In-Ground or Surface Mount

All Harmony Park products carry a 5-year limited warranty on all standard/stock instruments and posts. All custom instruments and posts carry a 90 day warranty.

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