John Deere Front Loader Ride-On Pedal Tractor

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The John Deere Front Loader Pedal Tractor is perfect for outdoor play! With its heavy duty wheels and tough pedal chain drive action, this tractor is built to last. The extra-large front loader makes it easy for kids to scoop and carry things around.

Of course, this rider comes in the classic John Deere green, so your kids will pedal around for as long as they could possibly want in style. Build with kids across the 3 to 7 age range in mind, this exciting tractor has an adjustable seat while the chain and sprocket system have a drive ratio of 1.2:1, making it easier for the little ones to get going.

Your kids will love this pedal tractor so much and the functioning front loader attachment is so useful, you'll relax as they play outside for hours. You may want to make sure your garden isn't torn up, though!

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  • Tough Performance: Chain drive, pedal tractor geared for all-terrain
  • Get Fit: Exercise and fun; for body and imagination
  • Safety: Heavy-duty bicycle chain and sprockets enclosed to protect fingers
  • Scoop It: Working front loader, scoops, lifts, carries and dumps from the driver's seat
  • Room to Grow: Large, adjustable bucket seats with roll-bar
  • Wheels: High traction wheels operate on grass, dirt, gravel or pavement.
Residential Use Only
Age Range 3 to 7 years old
Capacity 55 lbs
Equipment Weight 30 lb
Installed Dimensions 24.75 in x 50.5 in x 25.75 in

One-year limited warranty for Peg Perego vehicles from date of purchase, and/or six-month limited warranty for battery, charger and wheels from date of purchase.

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