Polaris Sportsman PRO Citrus 24-Volt Ride On Vehicle

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Say hello to the Polaris Sportsman PRO Citrus, the ultimate outdoor adventure partner for young adventurers aged 6 and beyond! Packed with excitement and bursting with energy, this zesty two-seater vehicle is here to make every journey unforgettable. Powered by a robust 24 volt (12 ampere hours) rechargeable battery boasting 300 watt hours of power and an 840W motor, it's ready to take on any terrain with a smile.

With two forward speeds (up to 12 kmph) and a trusty reverse gear, your young explorers can conquer hills, trails, and backyard paths while wearing their biggest smiles. Safety is a priority with adjustable seats, snug safety belts, and cushy rear shock absorbers that guarantee a secure and cozy ride.

And let's not forget the convenience of the rear compartment – perfect for storing all the treasures and gear your young adventurers collect on their journeys. The electronic dash adds a touch of fun with a realistic START button, illuminating front LED lights, and a cheerful horn that'll make them giggle with glee.

But the excitement doesn't stop there! The Polaris Sportsman PRO Citrus comes equipped with a built-in FM radio, MP3 input, and USB port to keep the good vibes rolling as they explore. Get ready for thrilling outdoor escapades filled with joy and laughter as your kids create memories that will last a lifetime with this zestful ride-on companion!

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Residential Use Only
Age Range 6 years and older
Capacity 220 lbs
Equipment Weight 118 lb
Installed Dimensions 53 in x 28.5 in x 36.5 in

One-year limited warranty for Peg Perego vehicles from date of purchase, and/or six-month limited warranty for battery, charger and wheels from date of purchase.

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