Safety Pole Pad - Round 4 Foot Tall

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ASISKU: SPP 4FT ROUND 2.5"-B Est. Lead Time: 2 to 3 Weeks

This 4 foot tall wrap-around pole pad is perfect for round playground poles, slide poles, and shade structure poles. These Pole Pads are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Color choices are red, blue, green, and yellow. When attached to the pole, padding will appear round. The velcro of the padding allows for 1 to 2 inches of margin for tightening, so we recommend rounding up to the nearest diameter size.

Pole Size Diameter choices:
  • 2.5 Inches (7.875 inch circumference)
  • 3 Inches (9.5 inch circumference)
  • 4 Inches (12.5 inch circumference)
  • 5 Inches (15.75 inch circumference)
  • 6 Inches (18.875 inch circumference)
  • 7 Inches (22 inch circumference)
  • 8 Inches (25.125 inch circumference)

Made with rain and sun resistant materials and are tough enough for any playground! Super easy for adults to put on and take off!

Our safety pole pads are made with a high quality 1" thick foam padding, a durable all-weather polymer fabric (WeatherMAX) and sewn together with bonded polyester thread. Both our fabric and thread are resistant to UV exposure, microorganisms, rot and mildew.

Color: Blue
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Equipment Weight 10 lb
Made In USA
Specification Details
  • 3" (9-1/2" circumference)
  • 4" (12-1/2" circumference)
  • 5" (15-3/4" circumference)
  • 6" (18-7/8" circumference)
  • 7" (22" circumference)
  • 8" (25-1/8" circumference)

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