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The Sculptural Collection is an awe-inspiring array of outdoor musical instruments, each adding a unique artistic flair to any space. This ensemble features the deep-toned Contrabass Chimes, the aquatic-themed Manta Ray, the elegantly designed Harp, the harmonious Aria, the rhythmic Lilypad Cymbals, and the tranquil Pagoda Bells. Designed for both solo and group play, these instruments are ideal for nurturing community spirit and collaborative music-making. Suitable for ages 2 to 12, they offer diverse musical experiences in a compact setup. Each instrument is elegantly mounted on steel posts, combining durability with sophistication. The collection is backed by a 5-year limited warranty, ensuring it remains a source of long-term musical exploration and enjoyment, perfect for enhancing communal spaces with interactive sound and beauty. Also a great solution for those public spaces seeking conversation starters.

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  • Contrabass Chimes, Manta Ray, Harp, Aria, Lilypad Cymbals, Pagoda Bells
  • Great value for ensemble package
  • Can be installed at different heights for any intended demographic of musicians
  • Most instruments included can be played by multiple people at once
Age Range 2 to 12 years old
Use Zone 16 ft x 16 ft
Made In USA
Specification Details
  • Footprint: 16' diameter circle minimum
  • In-Ground or Surface Mount

All Harmony Park products carry a 5-year limited warranty on all standard/stock instruments and posts. All custom instruments and posts carry a 90 day warranty.

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