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Quick Release fabric options for shade structures.

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  • Shadesure high-density polyethylene shade cloth which will provide hail protection approximately 80% shade and 90% UV protection (see color swatch for exact numbers)
  • 90 mph wind load
  • 5 PSF snow load
  • If Fabric Option above denotes “Quick Release” option, this feature allows quick removal of the fabric shade in case of expected high wind or heavy snowfall.
  • Steel powder coated posts
  • Shadesure high-density polyethylene shade cloth (see color swatch for UV and Shade factors)
  • Standard shade fabric is not DSA compliant for permitting needs in California
Equipment Weight 2 lb
ASTM Certified
CPSC Certified
Made In USA
  • To customize your shade at no additional cost, choose from the many different steel and fabric color options in the drop down menu.
  • Check out the Fabric Option section above to see if the quick release mechanism for the shade is available. Click to add this option to your quote or cart.
  • Not finding the size you need. The shade size can also be customized if you reach out to us.
  • We can give you a quote for adding your school or company logo to the shade at an additional cost
  • Please let us know if you need something that is DSA compliant for permitting purposes in the state of California. The materials come at an additional cost.
  • Covering a larger area? Combined and joined options are available
  • For extreme sun locations, we have a few higher shade/UV protection fabrics available, just reach out and ask for our Extreme 32 options.

Warranty can be viewed here.

Our shade fabric is Rachel-knitted (with a lockstitch in two directions) for strength, and the panels are sewn together using a GORE® TENARA® expanded PTFE thread, giving the fabric its strength and long-term durability. Our fabrics carry a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty from the date of installation against failure from significant fading, deterioration, breakdown, mildew, outdoor heat, cold, or discoloration; this excludes Red and Coolbrella fabrics, which carry a 3-year limited warranty. The life expectancy of our HDPE fabrics is up to 12 years, assuming they are properly maintained.

We Offer Installation!

We are excited to offer installation services across most of the contiguous United States. In order to obtain a quote, please email, call, or simply add the product of your choice to a quote, fill out a little information and be sure to check the box to request installation pricing.

For installation, we require the site be level and free of debris and underlying issues that would make digging difficult.  Each customer takes responsibility for their own, site prep, permitting, and mulch/surfacing unless otherwise arranged. Site preparation information for surfacing installation available here.

Can I Install This?

The short answer is yes, but be careful. We have had many customers install shades themselves with the right talent and equipment. It may not go as smoothly as it does for our professional installation crews, but it can be done as a budget-conscious solution for daycares, churches and apartment complexes!

Please take note that installing a shade structure is a construction project. There will be quite a bit of digging and work to level and set your shade structure. Most people don't realize how involved putting together a large commercial grade structure can be.

Permitting and Drawings

We offer unsealed and sealed drawings for our shade structures. Your need for drawings generally depends upon the audience. For permitting purposes, most institutions required drawings that have been signed and "sealed" by an engineer. Unsealed drawings are more relevant for installation may be required for your installer (standard sizes sold on our site are not generally required for our network of installers)

We do not take responsibility for permitting -- you should consult your local authorities or construction professionals as needed.

Footer Options, Depending on the product

When it comes to shade structures, there are a few options for mounting. Which one you choose generally depends upon your installation area and surface/soil.

Common footer types we offer:

  • Inground Mount is the most common system. That is when you bury the pole directly into the ground with rebar and concrete.
  • Surface Mount is mounted and bolted directly to a stable and solid surface. This approach would be ideal for a concrete pad or a pool area, for example. Anchor bolts and plates are generally required for this footer type.

Uncommon footer types we can quote upon request:

  • Recessed Mounting is where the shade structure is mounted onto a concrete footer that is buried.
  • Spread Footers are used when there is an issue with the depth or soil in the installation area. The shade posts is not a long as with other mounts and requires more concrete and labor to install. It isn't very common, but you can contact us for a quote if needed.

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