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The Swirl Outdoor Musical Park Instrument is a captivating addition to any playground, blending visual appeal with melodic charm. Crafted to spark joy and musical exploration, this instrument stands out in vivid orange, inviting players of all ages to create harmonious tunes. Featuring 26 anodized aluminum chimes, it ensures a delightful, pitch-perfect experience with every touch. Designed for durability and inclusive play, the Swirl is more than just a musical feature; it's a centerpiece that encourages creativity and social interaction. With its robust construction, it's perfectly suited for public parks, school yards, and community gardens, transforming any area into a haven of rhythm and melodies. This instrument not only enriches the environment but also serves as a unique educational tool, fostering a lifelong appreciation for music and the arts.

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  • Orange color way
  • Durable Chimes made to last
  • Fiber Force or Steel Pole for mounting purposes
  • Two Mallets to play the swirl
  • 26 Note Anodized Aluminum Chimes
  • Resonated
Installed Dimensions 49 in x 15 in x 59 in
Made In USA
  • Portable, In-Ground or Surface Mount

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