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The Toddler Flowers Outdoor Musical Park Instrument is a delightful and innovative addition to children's play areas, perfectly merging musical discovery with natural beauty. Tailored for young, budding musicians, this interactive set features bell-shaped flowers in vibrant colors, each emitting bright, sustained notes. With four notes per flower, tuned in C Major Diatonic, it provides a variety of alto and soprano tones, ideal for small hands to produce enchanting sounds. Available in shades of turquoise, orange, yellow, and indigo, the flowers are designed with varying heights, offering accessibility and engagement for toddlers. Each flower is accompanied by a black mallet, ensuring both a fun and safe musical adventure. Perfect for daycare centers, preschools, and public parks, the Toddler Flowers Instrument not only beautifies play spaces but also encourages early musical education and social interaction among children.

Color: All Four
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Specification Details
  • Style: Bells
  • Tonal Quality: Bright / Sustaining
  • Notes: 4 per Flower
  • Note Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Resonated: No
  • Key/Scale: C Major Diatonic
  • Range: Alto / Soprano
  • Mallets: 1 Black (80 Durometer) per Flower
  • Portable, In-Ground or Surface Mount
  • The toddler flowers come in four colors. Turquoise, Orange, Yellow, and Indigo.
  • Turquoise flower height: 37 3/8" & weight of 26 lbs.
  • Orange flower height: 38 1/8" & weight of 26 lbs.
  • Yellow flower height: 40 5/8" & weight of 29 lbs.
  • Indigo flower height: 40 1/8" & weight of 29 lbs.

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