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Wooden Backyard Swing Sets, Riding Vehicles, Trampolines, Sandboxes & More

Build a Backyard (Play) Oasis!

Outdoor play is always an important part of your kids’ day, but lately, having good backyard swing sets and play options is becoming as much of a necessity as ever! As you’re looking into DIY swing set options, backyard wooden swing sets, kids trampolines, and all the swing set accessories and electric ride on toys you can find, check out WillyGoat’s options for the best backyard discovery and outdoor play options so that your kids can have exciting, active, and safe outdoor fun right at home!

Wooden Swing Sets to DIY For Your Backyard

Finding the perfect wooden swing set kit or backyard play set is easy at WillyGoat! From KidKraft to Gorilla Playsets, high-activity adventure setups to the perfect backyard kids clubhouse for imaginative pretend play, we’ve got you covered with a variety of wooden playsets, swing set accessories, and customizable swing set parts so that you’re putting together exactly what you and your kids want most in backyard play. Whether your kids slide a lot or a toddler swing is the centerpiece, whether the lookout tower and playset accessories are going to augment adventurous imaginations, or whether monkey bars, a climbing wall, or other climbing elements are the right speed of outdoor exercise equipment for you, let us help you pick the right backyard jungle gym and kids playhouse options for your family.

Kids Electric Motorcycle and Toy Tractor Options

If your kids have a need for speed, we’re ready to give you some safe options to give them wheels to get going! To help kids get moving and learn how to navigate with play cars and trucks—especially if they have a love of construction and Tonka truck toys, or playing builder or farmer—we have some great toy tractor for kids options. Pedal tractor, electric tractor, and youth ATVs (aka kids 4 wheeler ride ons) with New Holland kids tractor and John Deere ride-on tractors as options all give your kids a way to play in a learning environment engineered just for them. If they’re ready to graduate from two wheels, we also have kids motorcycle ride-on options—to help them learn and adventure in safety and style.

A Kids Trampoline or Sandbox is a Great Way to Play

Whether your kids like flying high or getting down in the dirt, trampolines and kids sandboxes offer a lot of important spatial play that helps kids to develop and stay physically and mentally active! WillyGoat offers safe trampoline options, especially Magic Circle trampoline setups, that you can also get accessories, canopies, and games for. Your kids will love bouncing, practicing gymnastics, and burning off energy in a fun way made safe! But for kids who also like to dig and build, or toddlers who aren’t ready to venture onto the trampoline on their own quite yet, sandboxes are another great backyard feature to make sure your kids are stimulated and developing through their play. If you grew up with a classic turtle sandbox and are wanting to emulate that feeling of discovery with your kids, look no further than our sandboxes! Some of our wooden play sets have sandbox areas built in, but sandboxes are great on their own too, just make sure you get a sandbox with cover to keep the sand playable and toys safe and secure. Let your kids grow whichever direction they want to play in with our awesome backyard toys and games!

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