Can I Buy a Commercial Grade Swing Set for My Home?

Can I Buy a Commercial Grade Swing Set for My Home?

Doubtless, we all spent hours swinging or pushing children on metal swing sets. For many, it's an exhilarating experience, and for the less adventurous among us, the closest we get to feeling like flying.

It’s easy to wax nostalgic about time on backyard swing sets growing up or the playground swing we frequented. But, there’s no reason to limit your playground memories to the distant past. As adult playground equipment like metal swing sets grows in popularity, it’s getting easier and easier to install a commercial-grade swing set in your garden.

Here’s everything you need to know about how and why you should consider buying a commercial-grade swing set for your home.

What Is a Commercial Grade Swing Set? 

A commercial-grade swing set is a metal swing set built to the same caliber as playground swings.

They are different from residential swing sets in that they are larger. Because residential swing sets cater to a smaller number of people, they’re proportionally smaller. They’re also smaller because they’re designed to fit unobtrusively in your backyard.

On the other hand, commercial swing sets target more children. They are heavy-duty and can bear more weight and more frequent use than a residential swing set. That means that depending on how often you plan to use your backyard swing set, you may get more long-term value out of a commercial-grade swing set.

Benefits of a Commercial Grade Swing Set 

Swinging is enjoyable, whatever your age. More than that, there are various benefits to swinging. But when it comes to choosing a swing set, there are some benefits distinct to heavy-duty backyard swing sets that make them preferable to residential swing sets.

Commercial Metal Swing Sets Have a Higher Weight Limit

The average residential swing can hold approximately 150 lbs. In contrast, a metal swing set can support up to 250 lbs.

So, while a wooden swing might be more affordable, it limits who can use the swing. Whereas a commercial-grade swing set is heavy-duty and can bear more weight for longer.

Heavy-Duty Backyard Swing Sets Have More Durability

Because metal swing sets can take more weight than the average residential swing set, they’re also sturdier.

As a result, they stand up to harder and more frequent use, which is ideal if you anticipate your metal swing set drawing a lot of attention from friends and family.

It also guarantees adults can enjoy the backyard swing set alongside their children, without worrying about shortening the swing set’s lifespan, the way you might with a residential swing.

Commercial Grade Metal Swing Sets are Longer Lasting 

Another advantage to a commercial-grade metal swing set is that it lasts longer than a residential swing set. This is partly because of the increased durability of metal swing sets. Since they need to withstand a higher degree of wear and tear, they use material intended to last a lifetime.

That makes investing in a commercial grade swing set the kind of backyard feature that will be with you for years, and persist even after or if you sell the house. So, while compared to a residential swing set the initial outlay might feel more expensive, you’ll save money in the long run on things like upkeep.

Metal Swing Sets Have a Simple and Classic Design

Finally, the other reason we love commercial-grade metal swing sets is their classic, simple design.

Lots of playground accessories have evolved over the years, but a metal swing set remains recognizably a swing set. Themed or designed backyard accessories can show their age, especially if the children using them outgrow their taste in dragon-shaped seats or colorful plastic.

Can I Buy a Commercial Grade Swing Set for My Home? 

The answer to this one is yes. You can buy a heavy-duty or commercial swing set for the backyard. But, if you do this, there are several things to consider before making the purchase.

Involved Installation 

If you decide to buy a commercial-grade swing set, the first thing you need to realize is that the installation process is complicated.

Even if you don’t do the installation yourself, you still need to clear away debris from the installation site and ensure the area you selected is big enough.

If you arrange for someone else to install your metal swing set, then they’ll undertake the brunt of the labor, including removing grass and anchoring the swing set. But since commercial swing sets should last a lifetime, this can be a significant undertaking.

You can expect the process to take anywhere from four to eight weeks, depending on the weather. So, if you want to enjoy some summer sun while swinging, make sure you arrange for the metal swing set to be installed earlier in the year.

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Heavy-Duty Metal Swing Sets Are More Permanent 

As discussed, metal swing sets last lifetimes. So, when you’re choosing one, you need to factor in people’s ages. That doesn’t just mean how old your family members are when you buy your backyard swing but how long they will continue to use the swing set.

With that in mind, we recommend allowing a deck on the swing set of at least five feet so that your children can continue enjoying the swing set as they grow and so that adults can join in the fun, too.

You Need Concrete to Install a Backyard Swing Set for Adults 

Part of the anchoring process for a metal swing set involves concrete. Anchoring is important because it stops the metal swing set from flipping over from:

High winds

Overzealous swinging

Concrete anchors are the most common, and if you choose to install your backyard swing set yourself, you may find this complicated.

It also means that if you ever change your mind about the swing set, removing it will be challenging.

Alternative Anchoring Options 

If you don’t want to muck about pouring concrete to anchor your new metal swing set, you’re in luck. There aren’t many alternative ways to anchor a backyard swing set that are as effective, but there are some.

The most effective of these is to use ground anchors. These are sturdy metal hooks that attach to the metal swing set at one end and to galvanized steel poles at the other.

These galvanized poles come in many other shapes and materials including:

  • Corkscrew-shaped steel
  • Wood
  • Rebar

What material you use will depend on the size and material of your swing set. The important thing is that you choose a ground anchor sufficiently strong to keep your metal swing set safely anchored.


When it comes to installing a commercial swing set in your backyard, the answer is yes, it’s perfectly possible. There are even lots of reasons to recommend it.

However, once installed, it will be difficult to remove and it’s a decision you should only make if you anticipate frequent use of the metal swing set by a range of people. But we don’t think encouraging people to use that swing set will be a problem.

As we’ve said, swinging is soothing, enjoyable, and almost like flying. Who could resist that?

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