The Best Shade Canopy Options for Your Pool

There is nothing quite like warm summer days spent lounging by the pool. On the hottest days, though, it is easy to get overheated and feel uncomfortable after even just an hour outside. Not to mention that sunscreen is not always enough to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, which can cause sunburn or skin cancer.

Thankfully with the addition of a pool canopy to your backyard, you can enjoy spending more time outside without getting uncomfortably hot! Plus, a pool canopy gives you some extra protection from UV rays, so you will not have to worry as much about getting too much sun exposure on your skin.

Although the idea of adding a pool canopy is a no-brainer, there are lots of design options you can pick from, and it can take some time to decide what kind of pool canopy will work best for you, which is why we are here to help you find out about the best shade canopy options for your pool!

The Goal of Your Pool Canopy

When you are looking to invest in a pool canopy for your home, of course, you want the best of the best, but what should you consider before choosing your perfect, new pool canopy? Find out below what the most important factors of a pool canopy are.

Coverage Area

We offer a wide selection of pool canopy sizes for your home. There are more traditional fabric shade structures, there are multi-level roof options, and there are even oversized pool canopies to choose from.

Some pool canopies are designed to cover your entire pool, while others may only cover part of it. It all just depends on what you want for your home! No matter the size area you need to be covered, there is certainly a pool canopy out there for you.

Durability and Reliability

Our shade structures are made with high-quality steel and fabric that offers up to ninety-eight percent UV protection. Our shades are specially designed with Shadesure high-density polyethylene cloth that can protect you from the sun, hail, and even sixty to seventy percent of water run-off.

At no extra cost to you, you can easily customize your shades to be whatever color and size you want. You can trust us to deliver and install the highest quality, most durable pool canopy to your home.

Withstanding the Elements

You do not have to worry about our pool canopies’ ability to survive harsh conditions. Our shade structures can hold up to five pounds of square feet of snow and can withstand winds up to ninety miles per hour. Plus, we use in-line zinc electroplating to prevent all our triple-coated steel tubing and high-quality, powder-coated steel posts from rusting.

Easy to Maintain

All our products require little to no maintenance and come with a warranty. Our steel surface finishes are warranted for one year, our supplied steel is warranted for ten years, and our fabrics have a ten-year limited manufacturer’s warranty that covers deterioration, discoloration, significant fading, outdoor heat, cold, and breakdown.

The fabrics our shade structures are made from also require little to no maintenance and are expected to last up to twelve years.

The Best Options

Whether you are looking for a stylish pool canopy or something with a more whimsical design, we have got you covered. We even have easily customizable options to choose from! Here are some of the best options of shade structures for your pool.

The following pool canopy types are the best shade canopy options for your pool. They each have their own unique features, but they all deliver excellent UV protection and shade coverage.

Hip Roof Shade

This kind of pool canopy is made with one sheet of fabric stretched from each corner and connected to four sturdy posts.

It is great for covering large areas while blocking up to ninety percent of harmful UV rays. It can be mounted with recessed plate mounts or surface mounts, all for a moderate price.

Cantilevered to Hang Over the Pool

This kind of pool canopy does not take up a lot of space. They boast a stylish, modern design while being sturdy against even the strongest winds. With this kind of pool canopy, you can enjoy unobstructed shade as it provides horizontal coverage. Cantilever shade structures are installed with cement and made with support posts on one side.

Sail Shade (For Style)

This pool canopy design is one of the easiest to customize. It has a very low profile and works great for those who are looking for a modern style for their pool. You can use several triangles or square-shaped sail canopies made with coated, ultraviolet-resistant fabric and attach their corners to tall posts with guidelines and rings by stretching them tight.

Sail shades come in a variety of muted and bright solid colors, so they are easy to customize to fit your own aesthetic. Sail shades are one of the easiest and cheapest types of shade structures to set up. You can layer them for more coverage or use less fabric to create fun designs.

Octagon or Hexagon

This kind of pool canopy adds a fun, unique flair to your outside space. The unique shape comes from stretching our UV protective fabric from six or eight corners and connecting it with our permanent, concrete-installed steel beams. This kind of pool canopy is especially great for giving you the same all-over coverage of a hip roof shade, but for a round pool.

Unique Options

These types of pool canopies offer unique designs to your pool aesthetic. The pegasus shade structure provides vertical shade along the side of your pool while looking like a sculpture in a museum. The hypar pool canopy provides partial coverage from the sun while letting gaps in the spaces between canopies let the sunshine sneak through.

Aurora pool canopies are akin to oversized, triangular-shaped umbrellas that give smaller groups of people shade. Flower pool canopies are shaped like flowers and can offer children a much-needed break from the sun’s harsh rays while they run around and play.

Butterfly-themed shade structures are slightly larger than flower shade structures but are not much more expensive.

Things to Remember

When choosing a canopy shade for your pool, there are two very important things to keep in mind. If you don’t consider these when shopping around, you won’t find the best canopy for your pool, and you may end up with more hassle than it’s worth.

Mounting Options

Shade structures have to be mounted properly to avoid damaging your property or losing their ability to provide shade properly. When you mount a pool canopy, you are talking about installing something permanently. It has to be strong and secure. Pool canopies may be anchored with bamboo, wood, or steel.

Proper Measuring

You do not want your pool canopy to be so big that it runs into your house and could possibly lead to property damage. You also do not want to make the mistake of ordering a pool canopy that is so small that it cannot provide adequate shade for you and your family when the whole point of getting a pool canopy is to protect you.

Make sure that you double-check your measurements and that you order the right size pool canopy. If not, that will be one expensive and timely mistake to have to fix.

Providing Your Employees with the Lifeguard Stand Shade

Of all the people who need protection from the sun, lifeguards definitely need a break in the shade. They spend more time than anyone else at the pool in the sun and do not even get to take a break or cool off in the water! Give your employees the protection they deserve while they keep your patrons safe with the Lifeguard stand shade

Providing Necessary Shade

Whatever the temperature may be, being in the shade will be twenty degrees cooler than being in the sun.Lifeguard shade structures protect lifeguards from the sun’s heat and harsh rays

Beautiful Design

Shade structures can add beauty and functionality to an outside space, even if they are meant to look like fancy umbrellas for your lifeguards. Not only does a lifeguard shade add a high quality, elegant look to your pool, but it also provides the necessary shade to keep your employees cool and protected.

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