Heavy Duty 6 Foot High Tire Swing

The swing set is the ultimate piece of playground equipment. It’s simple, accessible, and just plain fun.

WillyGoat provides an all-inclusive hub for playground equipment of all sorts – including the much-loved swings.

Are you thinking about installing a backyard swing set? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome – this is your guide to the different parts that will make up your new swing set. 

What Are the Parts of a Swing Set?

A swing is a seat, suspended by ropes or chains, that can sway to and fro.

A swing set refers to several connected swing seats or the set of components making up one or more of those seats.

The basic list of swing set parts includes:

  • Posts and a cross beam top bar, making up the set’s structure
  • Chains and hooks to suspend the seats from the foundation
  • Seats to sit and swing on

To help you figure out the right pieces for your playground, let’s take a closer look at these parts.

Swing Set Posts

The set’s post arrangement will determine the capacity and aesthetics of your swings.

Here are some different configurations to consider.

Single Post swing set parts for a playground
T-Swing swing set parts for a playground
Arch swing set parts for a playground
Bipod swing set parts for a playground
Tripod swing set parts for a playground

If you’re not sure what style to choose, consider the questions below. Then select the post configuration that best suits your needs.

  • How many swings do you need?
  • Do you need a heavy-duty post set?
  • Do you have space limitations?
  • What aesthetics are you going for, such as color and style?

Once you know what you’re looking for, take a look at our swing set selection to find the perfect fit. 

Swing Set Chains and Hangers

Pieces known as hangers attach to the top bar. Every swing needs two of these – one for each chain that drops down and connects to the seat.

playground accessories for swing set partsSwing Hanger For Metal Swing Set

The hangers fasten around the cross beam and S hooks or shackles then connect it to the chain. This allows the chains to swing the rider while remaining safely connected to the structure.

Need replacement hangers, chains, or shackles? Visit WillyGoat’s swing set accessories selection. 

Swing Set Seats

The seats are where the play really gets going. This makes them the most active and visible part of the swing.

As we’ll discuss below, you’ve got some options when choosing the seats for your swings. 

Options for Swing Set Seats

The seats will catch the eye and spark play, so they should be the most visually appealing components.

Swing seats are not all created equal – and there’s no need for them to be boring.

Here are some great choices to serve different seating needs.

Belt Seats swing set parts and accessories for a playground
Bucket Seats
 Tire Swings swing set parts and accessories for a playground
Accessible JennSwings swing set parts and accessories for a playground

Classic belt seats are typically black, but they don’t need to be. Consider colorful options to brighten up the play area.

Are you looking for something a bit different? A tire swing is a classic and fun choice for a backyard play zone.

Tire swings allow riders to spin in all directions. They can also hold more than one rider for some good group fun.

Tire swings are a hit with parents, too. They make for a lovely spot to sit and enjoy a summer evening.

For an infant rider, use bucket-style seating.

A full bucket surrounds the entire waist, allowing for a safe and secure ride.

For slightly older tots that aren’t quite ready for a belt seat, upgrade to a half-bucket. The half-bucket supports the back and employs a safety chain for the front. 

Accessible Swing Seating

There are swing set parts available to accommodate special needs, too.

The JennSwing is a seating option designed to meet Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines for playground equipment.

JennSwings are made from extra-durable, rotational-molded plastic. That means they can take some excess wear and tear to outlast standard seating.

The swing’s shape accommodates physical challenges. A semi-reclined design along with a leg rest offer upper and lower body support. An armrest provides additional lateral support.

An adjustable safety harness keeps the rider secure.

For additional items to complete your special needs accessible play area, visit our playground equipment page. 

Swing Set Accessories

Once your new swings are installed, a few finishing touches can create a beautiful play area.

The areas under swing seats see a lot of foot traffic. So, whatever ground cover you have there will be prone to erosion and general wear and tear.

Rubber mats are a great way to protect these high-traffic spots. Mats are also helpful at the bottom of slides or any other high-volume playground locations.

For additional accessories and replacement parts, see our swing set accessories inventory.

Playground Borders and Ramps

Maybe your set of swings is a standalone piece, or perhaps it’s part of a multi-faceted playground.

Either way, you’ll need to care for the ground around the equipment.

Playground borders are a great way to frame your playground area. That way, you can use a different ground cover, such as mulch, under the play equipment. This protects your surrounding lawn and gives your playground a great aesthetic.

swing set parts, swing set accessories, and playground bordersTool-Free Classic Curved Playground Border

For entry into the swing set area or broader play area, you can add a ramp. Ramps help to make your playground accessible, based on the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

For underneath and around the swings, rubber mulch is an excellent material. A good rubber mulch is non-staining, soft, and flexible, and discourages the presence of rodents or insect pests. 

Choosing the Right Backyard Swings

Swinging is a simple form of play. But it can also be energetic, social, and exciting for youngsters.

It’s no wonder that in 2016, the swing was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame.

The right set of swings will transform a backyard. The swings become a visual and social focal point of your property.

Now that you know what parts make up a swing set, it’s time to make your selection.

WillyGoat offers a wide variety of swing sets to fit any backyard or playground.

We’ve also got you covered on swing set parts and accessories.

Are you building an entire playground? We’re your home base for slides, merry go rounds, and every other playground feature you can think of.

That includes equipment, replacement parts, and all of the parts and accessories that make a playground special.

Shop our selection of playground equipment today and start building something amazing. We also found this guide from the Backyartisan to be very helpful on what to consider when buying a playset.

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