The Importance of Shade - Commercial Shade Structures

Everyone loves having fun in the sun. Whether it be a day at the playground, park, or any outdoor area, the sun lightens all spirits. However, it is very important that you balance out the sunny times with shade. In this blog post, we’re going to cover why it is so important to stay in the shade when you can, how to stay healthy in the sun, and what WillyGoat can do to help the whole process

Remember days on the playground when the sun was shining bright, and though fun was in abundance, energy was in shorter supply? We’ve all experienced those moments when we had to slow down due to the heat of the sun, but what are the specific reasons why that is? Well, here are a few:

  • Exhaustion - This is a problem we’ve all encountered. Excessive sun and heat only exacerbate the issue, leading to the need to take a break from activities and drink water in order to avoid more nefarious problems, like overheating. 
  • Overheating - Medically referred to as “Hyperthermia,” is a serious problem for at risk individuals like the ederly and younger children. According to, at high temperatures the body cools itself through the evaporation of sweat. However, under certain conditions (air temperatures above 95 F/35 C  and high humidity), this cooling mechanism becomes less effective. Symptoms include: dizziness, lightheadedness, and nausea, to name a few. This can lead to dehydration, and heat stroke, which we will now discuss.
  • Heat Stroke - After overheating (reaching a body temperature of 104 F), the ability to control body temperature fails. Symptoms are similar to overheating, but also include headaches, rapid heart beating, hot skin, and more. Heat stroke is a serious health issue that requires immediate medical attention.

With all these potential health issues, it becomes all the more concerning that adequate shade can be hard to come by in cities nowadays. So what can you do other than get plenty of water? With WillyGoat, you can find the perfect shade structure to meet your unique needs and provide important protection from the sun. Check out our 3 Point Sail Shade Structure, which comes in different sizes and colors for customization and maximum protection for play areas and play sets. Looking for some shade at the pool? Our Hip Roof Shade Structure is a high-density polyethylene shade cloth which will provide hail protection approximately 80% shade and 90% UV protection. WillyGoat offers a wide array of other options, made for parking lots, parks, sports parks, apartments, and more.