How To Purchase Used Playground Equipment

Kids need to play outside regularly for their health, physical well-being, and general improvement. Playing outside requires specific playground equipment. Choosing the correct playground equipment can help your children become physically fit and improve their social interaction and skills. When you want to buy playground equipment, you have two options to explore, purchase used or brand new. If you're on a tight budget, buying used is undoubtedly an excellent idea. But you must know how to buy used equipment if you want to make the most out of your money.

Playground structures are in high demand. But some individuals and organizations cannot afford to buy brand new playground equipment. Fortunately, you can find high-quality used playground equipment at a significantly reduced price with the proper research. So what do you do to find the best quality used playground equipment quickly and affordably? Although we do not sell used playground equipment we've put together some helpful tips to consider when purchase used playground equipment.

Steps to Find a Reputable and Trustworthy Supplier to Buy Used Playground Equipment From

Selecting the best supplier for used playground equipment goes in handy with finding the best structures for kids. Several steps can help you find a trustworthy supplier specializing in high-quality and affordable used playground equipment.

Step 1: Check the Supplier's Reviews Online

Look for several suppliers of used playground equipment online. Check what others say about their products and services by going through their online reviews.

Step 2: Check their Previous History

A supplier of used playground equipment that has been doing well will have an excellent track record. You can learn more about any supplier's history and record by enquiring from a few of their past customers.

Step 3: Check their Equipment for Quality

Visit several suppliers of the equipment you are seeking. Inspect the structures they have in stock physically. Check whether their pieces of equipment for sale are solid and sturdy. That's especially important since children tend to use playground equipment unpredictably.

Step 4: Check the Quality of Material Used to Make the Equipment

The material used to make the playground equipment you opt to purchase must be durable, kid-friendly, non-toxic, and safe.

Step 5: Check Whether the Equipment's Designs are Child-Friendly

The used playground equipment you buy should be the ones that give kids safety priority. The pieces of playground equipment should not have sharp edges that can injure children. Their height should also be kid-friendly.

Step 6: Seek Professional Advice

If you feel not confident buying used playground equipment on your own, it would be best to seek professional advice. Please take photos of the equipment you opt to purchase and send them to a safety consultant. You can as well look for an expert playground contractor and advisor and ask them to inspect on your behalf the equipment you're almost spending your money on as an investment. A professional safety consultant or playground contractor will give an honest opinion of whether buying the used playground equipment you intend to buy is a wise decision.

Pros of Buying Used Playground Equipment

Used playground equipment is an excellent option, especially for individuals or businesses with a strict budget. When you choose used over new, you can save top dollar that you can use to buy other things. Buying used playground equipment may help you save a sufficient amount as saving for your project.

High-Quality Equipment

You can spend significantly less money on high-quality playground equipment when considering the used market. It's possible to find the best quality equipment that has been slightly used at a more affordable price when you explore the used marketplace for playground equipment.

Less Depreciation

Brand new pieces of playground equipment often tend to depreciate much faster than the used ones. Immediately you buy new equipment from the supplier; they can suffer their worst depreciation within the first few months of use. When you purchase used pieces of playground equipment, you get structures that have been through their severe depreciation period.

Several Options to Explore

Many individuals and organizations regularly sell their playground equipment to keep up with the technology advancing day in day out. They tend to sell their equipment to upgrade. Exploring the used market for playground equipment means you have various choices under the belt.

Cons of Buying Used Playground Equipment

There are several setbacks when choosing used over new when shopping for playground equipment.

Replacement Parts

When you buy used playground equipment, you might require replacing some parts. The equipment's original manufacturer may refuse to sell you the replacement parts during that time. They need to warrant the equipment and may fail to warranty the pieces because of a change of ownership.


Some older playground equipment might fail to meet current standards since standards keep changing to keep children safe. It's essential to be sure any equipment you opt to buy meets the needed standards before finalizing the purchasing deal. Guidelines and regulations for playground equipment are updated frequently.


With playground equipment, the warranty transfer from one owner to the other is unacceptable. When you buy used playground equipment, it can easily get damaged because of previous use. In that case, you cannot use the warranty from the original owner to get a replacement.

Though buying used has several setbacks, the benefit of saving money when on a tight budget makes the option of buying used a worth-it idea. If you can’t stomach the lack of a warranty, you really should check out purchasing new equipment. All of our playground equipment at WillyGoat is backed by a manufacturer warranty.

Factors to Put into Consideration When Buying Used Playground Equipment

Most individuals and organizations don't have the relevant experience required in purchasing used playground equipment. If you're looking for equipment to update your park, school, community, or church, there are multiple factors you need to put into consideration to make a wise purchasing decision that suits your unique needs. Though it may be overwhelming to buy used playground equipment, with a bit of research and help, you can have a fantastic playground sooner than you know.

1. Put Your Target Age Group into Consideration When Buying Used Playground Equipment

Before you begin your search for the used pieces of playground equipment, consider the age group of the kids that will be using the facilities. There are three categories of playground structures—six months to 2 years old, two to five years old, and 5 to 12 years.

It's crucial for kids only to use the structures designed for their specific age group. Playing in more advanced facilities for their particular age can be dangerous.

2. Know the Space and Location You Intend to Use the Equipment

You must have a location in handy where you'll place the equipment you buy. The best space to place the playground equipment is a location that people can easily access when necessary. It will help if you work closely with several families when looking for the best-used playground equipment to serve the community. Working closely with the people around is vital since different societies have varying needs.

3. Consider Your Budget

Now you know the type of used playground equipment you want to buy and have a strategic location to put them. What next? That's where your budget comes in handy. Where can I find a reputable dealer of used playground equipment? Are there add-ons I need, such as delivery and installation cost, or other structures like trees, flowers, and plants that offer shade? These questions can help you determine the approximate amount you might spend over time.

How to Purchase Used Playground Equipment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are You Selling Your Playground Equipment?

If you're buying the used playground equipment from an individual or private seller, it would be best to inquire why they want to dispose of their structures. Several reasons can make the owner sell their pieces of playground equipment. For instance, they might sell because they no longer require them to upgrade, hidden mechanical issues, or other reasons. The answer from the seller might give you a clue about any potential problems with the equipment.

How Long Have Your Pieces of Playground Equipment Been Used?

If the seller purchased the piece of equipment new, they would gladly present their entire history. However, if they bought the facilities from another person, there may be several unknowns. If there has been more than one previous owner, it would be challenging for the seller to give you the prior history of the pieces of equipment's repairs, maintenance, or any other pertinent information.

Can I Bring My Technician to Inspect the Pieces of Equipment Independently?

If the used pieces of playground equipment are in stable condition or don't have a hidden repair issue, their owner will not have a problem when you ask them to bring an expert technician to inspect them before you buy. The technician should be able to thoroughly check the pieces of equipment and give you an expert or honest opinion of whether buying them is a wise decision. One source for local playground equipment professionals is the registry of Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI), an accreditation developed by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA).

If you agree to buy used playground types of equipment, it would be your responsibility to accept them in the state they are before finalizing the deal with the seller.

Whether it's playground equipment or any other, used items are continuously subjected to some wear and tear. Therefore, before buying the equipment, ensure an expert thoroughly inspects them to ensure they are worth the investment.