When should I install playground equipment? The Freeze Zone consideration.

Planning the installation of a playground requires plenty of planning ahead and careful consideration of all aspects of the process to make sure you complete the project and minimize headaches.

Among the many things to think through, we wanted to bring up one particular aspect of your playground installation: the dirt! In particular, we wanted to make you aware of when you can and cannot plan to install playground equipment due to your region’s “Freeze Zone” and how that will affect the footers required. Armed with the right information, you can better set realistic expectations for your grand opening date.

The Freeze Zone Map

Not all climates are suitable for installation during winter months, but even more specifically, the ground and subsurfaces freeze at different rates, depending on your soil, humidity and much more.

When the ground freezes, installation is not feasible, plain and simple. But the depth at which it freezes changes, based on where you are. We have created a handy map with 3 colors: purple, green and yellow. Why these three colors? Well, by Mardi Gras season (hey, we’ve got some roots in Louisiana and south Alabama), the whole country is about ready for playground installations.

See the map here for your particular location.

Freeze Zone

  • Purple Zone: you generally will not be able to install equipment between the months of October and March
  • Green Zone: installation is not going to happen between November and February
  • Yellow Zone: you should be able to install your playground equipment year round and generally won’t deal with frozen ground

Is our map perfect? No. Frankly, winter conditions are subject to change each and every year. To know exactly what to expect in your local area, you will want to consult a local installer or landscape company.

On top of frozen ground, unexpected site conditions, such as underground obstacles, can cause delays. Familiarize yourself with the specific considerations for your location.

When do I Order Playground Equipment?

When setting an opening date, it's essential to work backward on the timeline while considering potential delays and uncertainties. While having a completion date is helpful, certain aspects of the process might be beyond your control. Knowing when you can and cannot install equipment will also give you a deadline for ordering. Allowing extra time and establishing upfront communication about deadlines become crucial steps.

Final Word

Installing a playground involves careful planning, effective communication, and an understanding of the Freeze Zone and other considerations. By taking a look at our map and establishing realistic timelines, you can navigate the installation process smoothly, ensuring a successful grand opening for your playground.

At WillyGoat, we are here to support you throughout the playground installation process. Our dedicated team is available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance to help you create a safe and exciting play environment. Get started on your playground journey today!