The Best Park Playground Equipment

Are you looking for ways to make your open space a more enjoyable destination? At WillyGoat, we’ve got plenty of options to help you out!

We carry a variety of park furniture and playground equipment, and we have everything you need to create the ideal play space. From shade structures to keep guests cool to park benches and tables for seating and parties, we know exactly what a park needs to become the perfect community gathering place. We also carry useful equipment like bicycle racks, trash receptacles, community grills, playground borders and mulch, sporting goods, bleachers, dog park equipment, and more. Our variety of play equipment makes us the perfect choice for schools, churches, public parks, and community areas.

Shop around for the best playground equipment available today! Browse by type of equipment, price, brand, size, and other features with the help of our filters.

Benefits of Park Playground Equipment

Outfitting your area's open space with the proper equipment can provide endless benefits for park guests, small children, and adults alike. Some of the most common benefits include the following:

  • Strengthening social engagement: It's no secret that a great open-space venue can bring people together.With the right playground equipment, you can help encourage your community to thrive. For kids in particular, playgrounds can be a space for developing social skills as they connect with new friends and take part in interactive games.

  • Promoting physical activity: Exciting park playgrounds are essential for children's physical strength and coordination development. While they're clambering down slides and swinging across monkey bars, kids are building concrete motor skills and forming the habit of being active. Workout spaces for adults also provide a great alternative to the gym, with the added benefit of spending time outside in the fresh air.

  • Improving cognitive performance: Kids are constantly learning while navigating playground equipment, developing intuitive problem-solving along with imaginative and spatial awareness. For adults, too, spending time in parks has been shown to benefit mental health and lead to reduced stress.

For all these reasons, providing places to sit, relax, play, and socialize can contribute to making an open space more enjoyable and keeping park guests happy. WillyGoat knows how important all these elements are, which is why we make it easy to shop for affordable playground equipment.

Affordable Park Playground Equipment That's Made to Last

Our playground equipment is constructed from the most durable materials to ensure a long lifespan and safety for users. With features such as rust-proof metal and UV-resistant resins, our equipment is made to withstand exposure to the elements, from snow to rain to shine.

Because of our focus on quality, WillyGoat's park playground equipment prioritizes performance while also enhancing the look of your community space. The standard of our products is apparent in every detail, which will add to the look of your playground for years to come!

You can also choose from a variety of attractive color options and other customizable features that will brighten up your space and add some fun to the environment. Browse our collection and choose an item to begin exploring available variations today.

Elements to Consider for Park Playground Equipment

We offer a variety of categories suited to different individual situations, so that you can create a park playground that's unique to your space.

There are many elements to consider when choosing the best features for your park:

  • Playground Users and Park Guests: It's important to think about what ages and demographics your park will be geared towards. Are you shopping for a school, or a private park or community center? WillyGoat can help you choose equipment most suited to the guests of your park, with park playground equipment available for all ages. We also offer a selection of ADA-compliant playground equipment, so that children of any ability can enjoy our playgrounds.

  • Environment and Location: What is the surrounding area of your park playground? Is it urban or residential, small or large? Regardless of the size and conditions of your space, at WillyGoat, we can work with you to find play equipment that fits naturally in your environment and complements the surrounding area.

  • Playground Design and Elements: Are you searching for a specific theme or design for your park playground equipment? Do you want to go with a more natural wood theme, or a bright and colorful one? We'd love to help you decide on a plan for your park, and we can help to ensure that all of your play equipment is cohesive while meeting all the needs of your guests.

At WillyGoat, our expertise is available to help you out. Call today to get started designing your park, or shop all our categories of playground equipment below:

Park Benches

Park benches are the perfect way to provide seating surrounding children's playground equipment, so adult onlookers can keep an eye on kids while they play. We offer a variety of sturdy benches in different shapes, sizes and colors, so you can find one that enhances the atmosphere of your park.

Bicycle Racks

Bicycle racks can encourage cyclists to visit your park playground equipment and provide a safe and secure place to store bikes while guests enjoy your space. We offer bicycle racks that can secure between 2 and 20 bicycles at once.

Dog Park Equipment

Many individuals like having their pet companions join them in the park and on the playground. Make your playground space enjoyable for people and dogs alike with our dog park equipment, specifically designed with dogs and their owners in mind, such as ring jumps, tunnels, and seesaws.

Musical Instruments

Add some music and any space will instantly become more fun. We also provide a variety of musical playground equipment, which can encourage kids to experiment with sounds and rhythms. Shop our selection of drums, xylophones and chimes today.

Park Workout Equipment

Lots of people prefer to do their workouts outside rather than in the stuffy environment of a gym. WillyGoat provides everything from pull-up bars to rotation machines to help you attract the fitness-obsessed of your community to your park playground.

Park Bollards

Park bollards are an important element of playground equipment that are sometimes forgotten. Bollards can be partition spaces and let people know that certain vehicles aren't allowed.

Park Grills

Cookouts are always a popular idea for summer hangouts. Encourage your park guests to throw a picnic with one of our sturdy grill options.

Picnic Tables

No park playground is complete without a few picnic tables! We offer durable tables of all shapes and sizes to help you find the perfect one for your park playground. Shop tables with included benches and standalone tables today.

Rails, Ramps, and Borders

Railings and borders can surround your park playground and help make the area more safe for users. Ramps and mats can also level off park areas, making them more accessible for your patrons.

Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is a safe and durable material that's perfect for playground areas. Surround your playground equipment with one of our rubber mulch products to provide an even play surface that will last for years to come.

Shade Structures

Our shade structures can provide welcome relief on sunny days and protect your playground equipment from excess heat caused by the sun. We offer a variety of fabric options that maximize air circulation for the greatest cooling effect.

Sporting Goods

Parks are also a popular place for athletes to practice their skills. We offer soccer goals, basketball hoops, and tetherball sets to engage kids and sports teams in play.

Trash Receptacles

Help reduce litter and keep your playground clean by providing a place for your patrons to dispose of their trash. Our variety of trash receptacles are unobtrusive to the natural environment and sturdy enough to remain secure.

Tricycle Tracks

Tricycle tracks for the playground provide the perfect space for kiddos to practice their bike-riding skills. Shop our creative variety of tracks and road signs that will make bikers feel like they’re riding on a real road.

Park Playground Equipment Installation and Shipping

Do you have any questions about how we handle playground installation or how our products are delivered?

We ship every one of our playground sets using a ground truck. Installation by WillyGoat might be included for larger playground furnishings and fixtures.

To install playground equipment, professional assistance. Visit our shipping information page for more details, or get in touch with a representative right away with any inquiries you may have. For more details about our playground setup, visit our;shipping information page or contact a representative with your questions today./p>

WillyGoat Customer Service Guarantee

WillyGoat has been providing park playground equipment to our customers for over twenty years. We aim at the highest standard of customer service, and can help ensure that your playground set shopping experience is as easy and stress-free as possible. Any questions or concerns you may have regarding our playground equipment can be addressed via our chat feature or by calling our help line at (888) 920-4628.