5 Top Peg Perego Toys - Boy on Electric Riding Tractor Toy

The Peg Perego brand was born in 1949.

That year, Giuseppe Perego handcrafted a beautiful baby carriage for his son. His neighbors were impressed and requested baby carriages for their own children.

Soon afterward, he started his company. From baby carriages, the product line grew to include strollers, car seats, and high chairs. Eventually, the company shifted into the toy industry.

Then, in 1960, Peg Perego found its niche in the ride-on toys market.

Over the years, these children’s vehicle models have evolved into some truly unique products.

Peg Perego now makes battery-powered John Deere, Polaris, Cub Cadet, and other children’s vehicle toy designs. 

Where to Find Peg Perego Products

WillyGoat is your home for Peg Perego items and over 3,000 other products related to toys and playground equipment.

Our offerings from Peg Perego are next-level toys that will bring wide-eyed delight to the face of your youngster.

Imaginative play works wonders on a child’s well-being, which is just what these incredible toys stimulate.

You’ll wish you were tiny, too, so you could ride along.

Are you shopping for a child’s rider vehicle or another item from Peg Perego?

Here are five top Peg Perego toys to consider. 

Figure 8 Conversion Model Train Track

Figure 8 Conversion Model Train Track - Charcoal

Peg Perego continues to offer a variety of children’s toys beyond their line of ride-on vehicles. Many of the options are related to transportation.

Parents know that trains seem to have a special knack for capturing a child’s imagination.

So, the Figure 8 Conversion Model Train Track is perfect for a youngster who fancies him or herself a conductor.

This set is compatible with Peg Perego’s Santa Fe model train. Included are six curved, four straight, and one intersection track piece.

The pieces combine to make a large figure 8 shape for endless looping delights. 

John Deere Adventure Trailer

John Deere Adventure Trailer

Before we get to the ride-ons, here’s a nifty accessory.

The John Deere Adventure Trailer attaches to the John Deere Gator XUV vehicle. The locking hitch pin connects the two to make for a surprisingly sophisticated vehicle for tiny riders.

The John Deere Adventure Trailer features:

  • Attachment compatibility with John Deere Gator XUV vehicles
  • Durable and rugged wheels
  • Locking hitch pin
  • Functional trailer weight capacity of 66 pounds

The cuteness factor might just be too much to handle as your little guy or gal hauls toys around the yard like a miniature farmer. 

John Deere Mini Power Loader

John Deere Mini Power Loader

Now we’re getting into the serious machinery — let’s talk about ride-on toys.

A children’s ride-on vehicle can be low-tech, operated by pushing or pedals.

Or they can be lean, mean riding machines, operated by battery power.

You’ve probably never seen anything quite like these — Peg Perego’s children’s vehicles take play to the next level.

The John Deere Mini Power Loader runs on a 6-volt rechargeable battery. The battery and a charger are included.

This green machine gets buzzing at a speed of two miles per hour. That’s an excellent cruising speed for children aged two to four. 

The seat is 22.5 inches high. The seats are adjustable to allow for growing legs over the years.

The best part is, your little tyke can operate the Mini Power Loader by actually pressing on an accelerator pedal. That’s sure to send them on some magical play journeys around the backyard.

Indoor rides are smooth too, as the wheels ride evenly over carpeting.

The rider can even use the hand controls to scoop up and drop off items with the front bucket from the driver’s seat.

Safety is a priority, of course. Let’s keep these joy rides under control. So, automatic brakes activate as soon as the accelerator pedal is released. 

Polaris Outlaw 12 Volt Vehicle

Polaris Outlaw 12 Volt Vehicle

How cool is the Polaris Outlaw 12 Volt Vehicle? Well, don’t be surprised if you find yourself showing it off to your adult friends.

Honestly, we’re somewhat jealous that these didn’t exist when we were kids.

The Polaris Outlaw is essentially a miniature all-terrain vehicle.

The seat is just 29.5 inches high off the ground, but this is no baby toy.

First gear purrs along at two miles per hour. Or, crank into second gear to put on a show at five miles per hour.

Of course, five miles per hour might sound a bit too fast. So, there’s a second gear lock-out feature to give parents extra safety control.

The all-terrain knobby wheels provide excellent traction to navigate easily on grass, dirt, gravel, or pavement.

Kids will love how realistic and grown-up the Polaris Outlaw looks and operates. It’s a mind-blowing gift for adventurous youngsters. 

Polaris RZR 900 Camo

Polaris RZR 900 Camo

The Polaris RZR 900 Camo is another incredibly realistic and rugged children’s vehicle.

This one features double seats, 38.25 inches high. With two seats, a friend or a baby brother can come along for a cruise.

This super-cool machine features show-stealing camo colors, a working horn, and seat belts.

It looks just like a miniature version of what you might take to go dune-hopping. So, the kids will love it for high-flying imaginative play around your property.

Like the Polaris Outlaw, there are two gears with a safety lock on the second gear.

This vehicle can also move in reverse, which the little drivers will love showing off to mom and dad.

The Polaris RZR seats are a bucket-seat style and adjustable for different leg sizes. That means the Polaris RZR 900 can grow along with its driver, providing years of fun and memory-making.

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