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We’ve served thousands of customers across the US, with hundreds of installations under our belt. We are excited to bring that know-how to the Wisconsin playground industry.

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Our catalog boasts over 2,000 products, offering a humongous variety of playground equipment and accessories. We can cater to (almost) every design preference and requirement for any play space.

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We pride ourselves on fast and reliable communication, ensuring that your every question and concern is addressed immediately. Our commitment to clear and consistent communication is at the heart of our customer service.

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We have a deep expertise and up-to-date industry information, ensuring top-tier quality and service for every playground project. We can tackle a wide array of challenges by leaning on our 20+ years of experience with playgrounds.

WillyGoat: Enhancing Community Spaces Through Play in Wisconsin

WillyGoat has been a pivotal force in transforming outdoor areas into vibrant playgrounds across Wisconsin

From the urban landscapes of Milwaukee to the scenic views of La Crosse and the community-rich streets of Waukesha, our installations have enriched various sectors, from schools and parks to daycares and churches.

Building Brighter Futures with Playground Solutions

Our commitment shines through our wide selection of playground equipment, designed to cater to the varied interests and needs of Wisconsin's communities. From thrilling swing sets to imaginative play systems, we strive to foster environments that encourage fun, inclusivity, and safety, creating spaces where children can thrive.

Tailored Installations Statewide

With a focus on professional and precise installations, we adapt to the unique character of each Wisconsin community, ensuring that our playgrounds become integral parts of local landscapes. Whether it's enhancing a park in Appleton or bringing new play opportunities to the children of Eau Claire, our team is dedicated to delivering excellence.

A Fresh Approach to Community Engagement in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, where the spirit of community runs deep, WillyGoat's playgrounds do more than just provide play opportunities; they serve as catalysts for community engagement and outdoor adventure. Each playground we install is a step towards enriching Wisconsin's communal spaces, inviting families to come together in the great outdoors and create lasting memories. Our playgrounds are more than equipment and structures; they are vibrant community hubs that celebrate the joy of play and the value of shared experiences.

Discover the difference WillyGoat can make in your Wisconsin community

Let us transform your vision into a reality, creating not just playgrounds but community landmarks that inspire joy, ensure safety, and foster a sense of belonging. Join the ranks of satisfied clients across Wisconsin and see how our playground solutions can elevate your community space.

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Inclusive, Engaging Playsets for All Ages

Discover the heart of outdoor fun with our comprehensive playground systems, designed to inspire and engage children of all ages. Our extensive selection focuses on fostering active, imaginative, and adventurous play. Just about every kind of option is at your fingertips with WillyGoat, and many are in stock and available to ship quickly.

We specialize in various types of climbing structures, from traditional jungle gyms to innovative climbing walls, each designed to challenge and develop children's physical abilities. Our obstacle courses, featuring a range of difficulty levels, encourage skill development, strategic thinking, and physical fitness. These obstacles are perfect for schools, parks, and community centers, providing a fun and engaging way to promote active play.

Additionally, our collection includes a wide array of playground slides, from classic straight slide designs to more intricate spiral slides and tunnel slides, offering endless fun and excitement. These slides are crafted to be safe, durable, and appealing, ensuring they fit perfectly in any playground setting. Whether for small toddlers or older children, our playground equipment is designed to be inclusive, offering various levels of challenge and engagement.

Each system is crafted with durability and inclusivity in mind, ensuring accessibility for children with different abilities. Our playgrounds are perfect for fostering imagination, physical activity, and social interaction in a secure environment. Choose from a variety of materials and color schemes to create a playground that not only complements your space but also stands out for its quality and appeal. With our playground systems, transform any area into a vibrant hub of activity and joy.


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We pride ourselves on our customer service and follow through on commercial orders. We are attentive and helpful, knowledgeable and experienced in this field. We can provide recommendations for your project and give you insights that we’ve learned over the years from handling other customers. We are here to earn your business!

Yes, we are happy to quote installation for your project and provide a qualified and insured contractor to take care of your installation.

Playground and park equipment is delivered via LTL freight shippers, but it may require FTL for larger equipment.

We typically sell products that are already designed and previously manufactured, but many have custom color options and we can walk you through our many options. We have 20+ years of experience in playground equipment and are excited to work with you to pull together the elements to build your perfect park.

Of course you can! We are available Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5:30PM CST to answer any questions. Please feel free to call us at (888) 920-4628 to speak to our friendly customer service team about questions you have about WillyGoat and our products.

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